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Spray-Lock Concrete Protection® provides post-placement pozzolan products to enhance and improve concrete performance throughout its service life.  Our technology delivers treatments that reduce reinforcing steel corrosion potential, increase abrasion resistance, fill and close the capillary structure for resistance to salt and chemical attack. When applied at the time of placement, SCP products provide enhanced curing and decreased drying shrinkage.


-SCP 327 Time of Placement 

-SPC 578 Premium Concrete Protection

-SCP 743 High Performance Concrete

-P3 Industrial 


-SCP 1000 CS admixture 

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Concrete Genetics

The concrete Genetics is the concrete technology that adds life to concrete work, from the time of placement to the maintenance and preservation Concrete Genetics is connecting the dots between design, builders, and end-users. 

Concrete genetics improve the durability of concrete even in the worst corrosive environment as well as providing this building material the aesthetics value everyone has a dream. 

-CG Cast 
-CG Flake
-CG Sealers 
-Total Care 

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