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Alabama Pigments

In 1950, HC Cobern started mining sand and iron ore tailings from local deposits in central Alabama to be used in the surrounding cement plants. This led to his son's purchasing truck to make the local hauls. Gerald and Bill Cobern founded Woodstock Trucking Company in 1969. Specializing in the transportation of bulk material via pneumatic tanker, today Woodstock Trucking is known for its dedication to customer service. In 1979, Gerald and Bill Cobern founded Filler Products Company, Inc. which specializes in mineral processing. Today Filler Products offers portable screening, trans-loading, and bulk storage solutions in central Alabama. The trans-loading facility is located on Norfolk Southern mainline and has loading/unloading equipment with 3,200 feet of rail siding open both north and south. The Cobern brothers formed Alabama Pigments Company in 1993 with an emphasis on natural red iron oxide. Through the years, APC expanded its product offering and production capabilities. In 2007, Lee and Brent Cobern took over as managing partners and upgraded production and warehousing facilities and established a plan to take APC into the future. In 2009, APC opened its new plant for the production of natural black iron oxide, agricultural products, and toll processing.


-Natural pigments for Ready Mix

-Synthetic pigments for a Ready Mix

-Granular pigments for concrete products and ready Mix producers 

-Color Stains

-Color Hardeners 

-Color Releases

-Concrete Sealers 

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