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ForTec Stabilization

Fortec Stabilization Systems, a subsidiary of Fortress Stabilization Systems, LLC, was founded in 1998 focused primarily on research and development of carbon fiber technologies and Carbon Reinforced Polymers for the transportation and commercial industries. There has in the past been a great deal of secrecy and confusion surrounding the Carbon Reinforced Polymer industry. Fortec Stabilization Systems brought a unique perspective to the field because the co-founders came from very different backgrounds and industries: the construction and the high-end composite industries. As a result, Fortec Stabilization bridged the gap between two very different fields and business models. Following products are:


-Double T Anchor

-ForTec 5680-BD Kevlar

-ForTec Carbon Tow Sheet

-Corner Strap Fiber Reinforced Polymer

-ForTec #4550 LPL Structural Epoxy

-Grid Stitch

-Round Anchor

More info:

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